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Our Story

In 2020 an ambitious girl named Jami wanted to open a boutique for women that liked classic cuts, with flattering fits, easy to wear, and adaptable to their ever changing body and life. Most important she wanted it to be modest fashion.

That was the vision, but like most businesses the plan and real life did not line up. 2020 was a bumpy start between a pandemic and trying to find the right pieces to fit into the mold we were creating.  We began our journey inside a small brick and mortar with other small businesses but quickly realized at the time it was not the right fit.  We pulled away from that and started our path into e-commerce. 

2021 we opened our e-commerce store but ended up traveling the entire year in a mobile boutique. We wanted to learn more about women, what they wanted, what their styles were, how they felt when they got dressed.  And that’s when our “ah-ha” moment hit.

2022 our focus was still on women but now she became clearer  The woman we want to reach has no age but she is smart, hard working, confident, knows her own worth, doesn’t hide behind her clothing, wears what she feels comfortable in regardless of trends, loves a good laugh, and a dinner date night out. Now we look to her for continued inspiration in our styles and designs. our virtual showroom, is easy to shop with five main curated collections that are easy to maneuver through. Online shoppers enjoy the simplicity. 

So now here I am, Jami learning as I grow. This journey has been emotional, but fun just like life itself. We know that clothing can’t change your life but it can change your daily attitude. Who wouldn’t want to feel confident in their outfit?!?! 

I value you, our customers and will always provide quality products, affordable prices, and exceptional customer service.  Thank you for the love and support!